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About Allapalli

Allapalli is a village located in the Gadchiroli district of Maharashtra, India. This is the central point for travel access to all five talukas of the Southern Gadchiroli District.


Allapalli is located at 19°25'12"N 80°4'11"E. It has an average elevation of 120 meters (390 feet).

Allapalli Forest

Allapalli is very famous for the forest. The Allapalli forests are the source of the world-famous teak wood (tectona grandis). The 'Glory of Allapalli' which represents the surviving patch of the original forests before they were brought under scientific management more than a 100 years ago, is famous as a living museum of the forest ecology. It is located 7 km. from Allapalli on the Permili-Bhamaragadh road. 2 divisional offices of the Forest Department are placed in Allapalli.


Allapalli is typically Gondwana's village, but now, several people have moved there for education, business and life purposes.


Allapalli's revenue generate in different forms like it has a good market line, people are employees in many offices.

Allapalli comes alive on Sunday, the traditional market day also known as Allapalli Sunday Market. People from surrounding villages and towns come to Allapalli to sell their wares. This fairs has a lot of local flavour and specialises in agricultural produce, vegetables, locally-grown fruit, spices, clothes and even plants.


Also Allapalli is specially known as "Town of Study", where several public as well as private schools provide education in English, Hindi & Marathi languages. Allapalli does have junior as well as senior colleges, where students can get PG degree. I.T.I. is also available in Allapalli which provides technical knowledge and so many people who were the students of I.T.I. are working as technical executive in different MNC's in all over India.


Allapalli is connected by the State Road Transport services to Gadchiroli, Chandrapur, Nagpur, Gondia, Sironcha etc. Several options are available to reach Allapalli like, Public as well as Private Transport.

Places to visit nearby Allapalli

  1. Nagdevata: it is located around 4 km away from Allapalli on Sironcha road, many people go there to seek blessings of god.
  2. Patanil: it is located around 10 km from Allapalli, this place is in the dense jungle part of Allapalli, a very nice idol of god Ganesha is there, it is said that the idol has evolved from the surface of earth naturally.
  3. Venkatapuram: it is around 35 km from Allapalli on the way to aheri, you will find a temple in venkatapuram. the special part of this place is water scarcity does not come anytime during the 12-month course in a year. It has water ponds from where water comes 24*7, 365 days.


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