Business consulting services

Living at the intersection of business and IT

Organizations in all sectors need a comprehensive vision supported by the design, processes, and strategies needed to drive digital, business, and IT transformation in order to keep up with the shifting demands of business today. Zognu provides the deep technological and industry expertise you need to execute with speed and agility, whether you need to revolutionise customer experience, deploy advanced data analytics and technologies, or develop holistic client solutions.

With its Advisory and Consulting Services, which include: Accelerated Solution Design, Digital Innovation and Strategy, Digital Transformation, and IT Transformation offerings, Zognu has produced results for clients in a variety of industries, including improved online sales by 30%, cost reductions of 60%, and a reduction of more than 50% in manual processes.

What we do and how we do it

We help drive your business forward and empower your teams to innovate through strategy, design and execution.

Accelerated Solution Design (ASD)

Vision & Experience Design, Solution Design, Business Case Roadmap & MVP.

Digital Innovation & Strategy

Digital Business Strategy, Product and Service Innovation, Customer Experience Transformation, Advanced Data Analytics.

IT Transformation

IT Target Operating Model, Application Rationalization, Cloud Strategy + Economics, Agile Transformation.

Digital Transformation

Target Operating Model, Costs Transformation through Advanced Tech, Automation Strategy & Lean Execution.