Organizational Change Management

A structured approach to initiate, manage, and drive change in a continually evolving world.

User resistance and the lack of a suitable transitional framework are the key reasons why managing change is challenging. The ability of an organisation to adapt to change has a significant impact on corporate success. But, change management encompasses more than just education and communication. Personal change models, communications, sponsorship, coaching, training, mobilisation, and expectation management are all part of it.

Organizational Change Management (OCM) by Zognu helps overcome opposition and quicken the adoption process. Our strategy takes into account the fact that change management is a continuous process rather than a one-time event and meets users’ demands along the continuum of engagement, which includes awareness, comprehension, acceptance, alignment, and commitment.

We are agile. We are creative.

Furthermore, we have the subject knowledge to support a digital engineering approach, assisting you in successfully implementing new procedures and technological advancements.

We help you design and implement changes that create sustainable, profitable transformation. 

Key benefits of our framework include:

  • Higher chances of successful implementation and user adoption
  • Reduced cost of change management: Virtusa supports OCM right from assessment to post-change program management.
  • Greater ability to achieve desired business benefits

Virtusa’s comprehensive OCM program prepares clients for a transformation of any scale, size, and complexity.

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