Service & Experience Design

Business, Engineering and Design working together
to create amazing solutions.

Create exceptional experiences for customers and employees.

In order to expedite digital transformation and produce better business results, Zognu works with brands and organisations to create great experiences for both customers and employees. We are aware that the complexity lurks beneath the experience, which is only the top of the iceberg. Our knowledge of design and engineering provides us with a road map for navigating these levels of complexity.

In order to understand and reframe a problem, come up with potential solutions, develop, prototype, and test hypotheses, we can use a variety of Zognu methodologies. We assist businesses in delivering design-led innovation, enhancing employee engagement, and boosting consumer loyalty by adopting this strategy.

Experience Design Strategy

By enhancing employee and customer experience and utilising Zognu’s skills in these areas, you may raise engagement and loyalty.

  • Customer research
  • Current state analysis
  • Friction finding
  • Experience vision
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Innovation workshops
  • Product roadmapping

Product & Designs

With the design and engineering know-how of Zognu, you can increase conversion, offer better commercial results, and create engaging experiences.


Design at Scale

Use Zognu’s knowledge and tried-and-true techniques in the following areas to promote holistic design thinking from the perspectives of business, data, and design.

Deliver engaging experiences for our clients by combining technology and great design.

We support over 150 global brands by providing solutions that enable businesses to work smarter and more efficiently across the entire spectrum of their operations.